stephanie motyka

photography work 

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My photography work is an extension of my artwork. It is more than just an image. It is an opportunity to capture a moment in time and hold a feeling and emotion. This is why I enjoy working with couples and families to capture their precious memories. There is more opportunity and fun having a subject to work with in the landscape. My main focus is on spontaneous and effortless shots with strong attention to details. Lets play and collaborate.

Meet me as a photographer on The Knot & Wedding Wire.

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fine art work

My print work focuses on the ephemeral atmosphere a single landscape can reveal. I’m fascinated by how the same landscape can convey completely different feelings. The atmosphere I choose can be one that last a few hours—a morning fog—or last a few seconds—the moment before the sun dips below the horizon. My interest stems from the nature of New England weather: how it can rain, snow, and be 60° all in the same week.

My appreciation for this arose in March 2012 during a visit to North Truro and Provincetown. Since then, my curiosity has branched out to the exploration of time and weather in landscape as a way to evoke emotion. My work utilizes color and value in order to portray a sense of place with its varying luminosity, temperature, and time.